Who is entitled to have the Fidelity Card?

All users registered on www.caffeguglielmoshop.it, previously and after the activation of the program, are entitled to their personal Guglielmo Fidelity Card


How can I check my points?

LOGIN on www.caffeguglielmoshop.it, on the right side of your personal page you can find your points count, the specific number of points accumulated with your last placed order and your extra points; if you have reached one of the required steps, you can convert points into Discount Coupon: follow the instructions, you can enter the Coupon in your cart to use it immediately or you can put it back in your money box and use it for the next purchase


What happens when I use my Discount Coupon?

After using your Discount Coupon the points count it's reset and you start earning points again from your next purchase


Does my points expire?

Points not used within the end of the year do not expire: you can keep accumulating them during the following year, until you decide to convert them into Discount Coupon


Is there a limit of points that I can convert?

The limit of points you can convert in Coupon is 1500; converting them you can have a 75 euros Discount Coupon


On which products can I spend my Discount Coupon?

Your Discount Coupon can be spent on every item you find on our Virtual Store, also on the "Promotion of the Month" product


What happens to my earned points if I change my mind and I don't finalize my purchase?

Points are not issued until the payment of your order is done; in the event of a deleted order they are not accumulated and you will start earning points from your next finalized order

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